Other Pixie Bob breeders & catteries

Here is a list of sites for a few of our friends, who are also Pixie Bob breeders or Pixie Bob catteries.  If we don't have the Pixie Bob cat or kitten you're looking for, please have a look at their sites.  We are confident you'll get an equally well-socialized, healthy, energetic Pixie Bob from them as you would from us.

This is a list of sites that list cat breeders and catteries, both those who breed Pixie Bobs and those who breed other felines.  Other than those catteries and breeders in the list above, we do not personally know any of the breeders or catteries you may find on the sites below.  So, be sure to read through these breeders' sites carefully and ask lots of questions.  Generally, if a breeder or cattery has a code of ethics they follow that places the well-being of their cats and kittens first, it is likely you've found a reputable breeder or cattery.  Talking with a breeder before purchasing or placing a deposit is always important, however, and you cannot judge a breeder or cattery simply by reading their code of ethics.