• Female
  • Short-haired
  • Warm tones
  • Docked tail
  • Polydactyl

Pixie Bob cat Scout, sideScout is a large Pixie Bob cat, probably weighing in at 18 or 20 pounds.  Her coat is short and warm-colored, with heavy ticking and muted spots.  She is polydactyl Pixie Bob and has a full length tail, which was docked by her original breeder and therefore lacks the beautiful stripes at the tip of her tail.  She has medium ear tips and green eyes.

Scout is a very talkative Pixie Bob cat, who growls, chirps and purrs anytime she's around people.  She loves to be pet, but especially likes to have the back of her neck scratched while she rubs her face on your feet.  This really gets her drooling to the point where your feet have practically had a bath by the time it's all over!Pixie Bob cat Scout, laying down  Scout certainly doesn't understand the other Pixie Bobs fascination with the laser pointer, but give her a ball with a bell inside and she'll be entertained for hours.  She will even pick them up and carry them around the house.  The dogs remain her arch-nemeses, but she is slowly getting used to having them around.  She'll only swat at them if they are right next to her now, instead of chasing them down in an attempt to see them off.

Pixie Bob cat Scout, faceScout is a very attentive mother to her Pixie Bob kittens.  She is very protective and doesn't even like it when we pick the Pixie Bob kittens up before their eyes are open and they are able to walk around.  If she thinks there is any trouble befalling her kittens, she is off like a shot to their aid.  She plays with her Pixie Bob kittens a good part of the time, as well, even "rough-housing" with them.  Well, at least her kittens think it's rough-housing, but she isn't really all that rough with them.