Adopt a Pixie Bob

Each Pixie Bob cat listed will have its own profile page with information and pictures of that Pixie Bob, as well as contact information for the person or organization listing the Pixie Bob cat for adoption.  A link to each profile will be found below.  Please be aware that we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information provided about the Pixie Bobs listed on this page, and we cannot be held responsible if the information turns out to be inaccurate - even if we are providing the Pixie Bob a temporary home.  We will provide the best, most complete information we are able to provide, but since we are dealing with potential rescue Pixie Bobs there may not be very much information available.  If you are an individual or organization seeking to list a Pixie Bob cat for adoption, please visit our Pixie Bob rescue page.

At this time, we do not have any Pixie Bobs available for adoption.  Please check back periodically as there may be Pixie Bobs listed for adoption at any time.  If you would like to be added to our waiting list specifically to adopt a Pixie Bob, please use our contact form and select "Add me to your waiting list" as the reason for contact.  As we list Pixie Bobs for adoption, we will contact interested individuals on our waiting list immediately.  However, if you prefer not to wait specifically to adopt a Pixie Bob, you may want to check if we have Pixie Bob kittens for sale or Pixie Bob cats for sale.