Tabaxi's Pixie Bobs contract

Above is the link to download copies of our Pixie Bob kitten and Pixie Bob cat purchase contract and contract addenda: the "Breeding Addendum" and the "Reproductive Sterilization Addendum".  We're making these available so you can read them in advance and ask any questions you might have.  If you see a clause in either the contract or the addenda that puzzles or concerns you, please ask us about it!  We want you to understand our contract and also our reasons for including the language we have.  We have tried very hard to structure our contract and contract addenda to protect:

We want you to feel comfortable and confident not only during the process of purchasing your Pixie Bob kitten or Pixie Bob cat, but also after the sale.  If something comes up or you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.  We are here to support you throughout your Pixie Bob's life!  We also want to make sure your Pixie Bob kitten or Pixie Bob cat always has a safe, loving, and caring home.  So, we have included language in the contract to help ensure this and to let you know we are here to help if you are ever unable to keep your Pixie Bob.  We have a responsibility to protect the quality of the Pixie Bob breed, as well, and this means we have to strive to prevent "backyard breeders" from gaining a toehold with the Pixie Bob breed.  That is the purpose of the "Reproductive Sterilization Addendum" and an adjunct purpose of the "Breeding Addendum".

Thank you for your patience and taking the time to read the information above.