Pixie Bob rescue

We provide Pixie Bob rescue services as best we are able and this page will provide as many details related to our Pixie Bob rescue efforts as possible.  We offer a set of services to individuals (or families) who can no longer keep their pet Pixie Bob cat, individuals who have rescued a Pixie Bob cat, and also to Humane Societies, shelters, and other rescue organizations.  These are tailored to the usual and customary needs of these general types of customers, but we are by no means "strait-jacketed" by what is "usual and customary".  Regardless whether you are an individual or rescue organization requesting our help, please see our "Listing Requirements" below.

No Pixie Bob cat surrendered to us will be bred!  All rescue Pixie Bob cats will be spayed or neutered, microchipped, and their shots will be made current.

For individuals re-homing a Pixie Bob cat & those who've rescued a Pixie Bob cat

If you are an individual or family who has a pet Pixie Bob OR if you are an individual who has rescued a Pixie Bob, and would like help finding a new home for him or her, we will help in any way that we are able.  You will fall into one of two general categories: unable to house the Pixie Bob cat while finding it a new home, or able to house the Pixie Bob cat while finding it a new home.  You are included in this second category if you know someone, such as a friend or family member, who can house the Pixie Bob until a new home is found.

We will gladly list your Pixie Bob cat for adoption on our site at no charge and actively work to help find it a new home.  We know of people who are waiting to adopt a Pixie Bob in need of rescue, as opposed to purchasing a Pixie Bob kitten.  Additionally, people who contact us about our Pixie Bob kittens will be made aware that we do Pixie Bob rescue and have a Pixie Bob cat awaiting adoption.  So, we will not have an attitude of "Oh, yeah, and then there's this one, too" toward your Pixie Bob.  We want to find your Pixie Bob a home as quickly as possible, especially because we understand there is usually a limited amount of time to do so.

you are able to house the Pixie Bob cat until a new home is found, please do so.  If you are not able to house your Pixie Bob until a new home is found, we will either house your Pixie Bob ourselves (if we are able to) or we will help find someone who can provide a home temporarily.  Transporting your Pixie Bob, however, is your responsibility, but we will assist when and as we are able.  For example, if we are able to meet half-way, we will.  We cannot make any guarantees about our ability to either provide a temporary home or to assist in transportation.

For Humane Societies, shelters, and rescue organizations

If you are not certain whether a cat you have is a Pixie Bob, we will be happy to assist in identification.  As you know, without knowing the complete provenance of an animal, identification can almost never be 100%.  However, we will provide our best and honest assessment of the animal whose pictures and description you provide.  Knowing how the cat behaves, in addition to its physical characteristics, can aid in identification, as well.  So, please include any behavioural information available to you in your request for identification assistance.  If you have a Pixie Bob, or several Pixie Bobs, available for adoption or that will shortly become available for adoption, we will be happy to list those Pixie Bobs on our site at no cost to your organization.

Listing Requirements

We require:

  1. at least one photograph,
  2. a physical description of the Pixie Bob,
  3. any personality information available to you,
  4. any other pertinent information about the Pixie Bob,
  5. your contact information.

1. Photographs

We need at least one photograph and prefer two or three photographs of the Pixie Bob cat.  They should be at least 800 by 600 resolution, and higher resolutions are preferred, while lower resolutions are acceptable.  The photographs will be re-sized to a lower resolution for inclusion on the site, but our webmaster edits them in such a way as to preserve the quality of the photograph - even at very low resolutions.  One photograph should be a good, close-up shot of the Pixie Bob's head and face, preferably with the eyes at least partially open.  The second photograph should be of one side of the Pixie Bob, which clearly shows its markings and colors.  Please take some time and look at the profiles of our Pixie Bob cats and Pixie Bob kittens and you will get a good feel for the kinds of photographs we are requesting.

2. Physical description

Describe the coloring, markings, eye color, and size of the Pixie Bob as best you can.  If you know the weight of the Pixie Bob, please include that information as well.  If you have provided good photographs, including one of the face, head and eyes, we will be able to do a good job of describing the overall look of the Pixie Bob ourselves.  Good photographs will make your job and our job a lot easier!  The only aspect of the Pixie Bob that may not come through very well in photographs would be its muscularity.  Usually, Pixie Bobs are more muscular, more solid, and a bit heavier than your typical purebred or DSH/DLH feline.  We understand that you do not work exclusively (or even frequently) with Pixie Bobs.  So, we appreciate you just doing your best.

3. Personality information

We understand you may not have much information to provide when it comes to the Pixie Bob's personality.  Again, just do your best.  If you work for a rescue organization and have a staff person who has spent a good deal of time with the Pixie Bob, please ask them for their observations.  As with photographs, if you'll devote a small amount of time to reading our Pixie Bobs' profiles, you'll get a good idea of the kinds of information we are hoping you can provide.

4. Other pertinent information

This pretty much covers other questions rescue organizations ask of anyone who surrenders an animal.  Does the Pixie Bob like dogs?  Does it get along well with children?  Other cats, birds, etc.?  What kind of home environment did the Pixie Bob have (if you know this)?  What kinds of scratching surfaces have been available to the Pixie Bob?  What kinds of toys does the Pixie Bob like?  We also need to know what kind of food the Pixie Bob has been eating and what kind of litter the Pixie Bob is accustomed to using.  Does the Pixie Bob cat have health problems or behavioural problems?  Please provide as much information as you can so that anyone reading its profile on our site will have as complete a picture as possible.  This kind of detail should also enable our visitors to ask you better questions and make your job in finding the Pixie Bob a new home easier.

5. Contact information

Obviously, our visitors need to know how to reach you.  In addition to the obvious items, such as telephone, street address, mailing address, and business hours (for rescue organizations), please also include an email address and website (if you are from a rescue organization and have a website).  This information will be posted on the profile page for each and every Pixie Bob cat listed for adoption on our site.  So, there will be no confusion on our visitors' part as to who has listed which Pixie Bob cat and they will be able to easily contact you.