• Female
  • Long-haired
  • Warm tones
  • ¾ length tail
  • Straight feet

Pixie Bob breeder, Aurora, facing rightPixie Bob breeder, AuroraPotomac's Maybelline of Tabaxi, who we call Aurora, was born 11/21/2006 and came to live with us in April, 2007.  Aurora has a smaller bone structure and is a smaller, shorter Pixie Bob than Cobra is.  She has straight feet, a ¾ length tail, and a beautiful, long-haired coat composed of brown and gold tones, with muted spots on her back and soft striping everywhere else.  Her eartips are gorgeous and well developed.

Aurora is a very sweet cat who likes people, chirps and purrs often, and enjoys having her belly rubbed.Pixie Bob cat Aurora, facing left  This Pixie Bob is also an expert bug catcher who knows how to get her people to give her her favorite food - Salmon!  The laser pointer is, by far, her favorite toy.  When Aurora gets to chasing it, she will literally run over anyone who is between her and the laser dot, including the other Pixie Bobs and sometimes even her own Pixie Bob kittens.  Her prey drive is so strong, she will chase the birds she sees outside from window to window trying to catch them.  All the while, she'll be crying to get us to let her out so she can go after them.  We never let her or any of the Pixie Bobs outside, but this doesn't stop her from trying to get us to let her outside!

Pixie Bob cat Aurora, faceAurora is an extremely attentive mother, not only to her own Pixie Bob kittens, but to other female Pixie Bobs kittens, as well.  She is even willing to nurse them!  The kittens have learned this and, if their own mother is not immediately at hand, they'll just go belly up to Aurora and drink their fill.