• Male
  • Short-haired
  • Cool tones
  • Bobbed tail
  • Straight feet

Pixie Bob cat Cobra, sidePotomac's Cobra of Tabaxi is the king of the house.  He has straight feet and a 1 & ¾ inch tail.  Cobra is a huge, very solid Pixie Bob with a large bone structure.  This Pixie Bob is nothing but muscle!  He is short-haired and his coat is a cool grey, with many spots and heavy ticking.

Cobra enjoys having his nub rubbed and growls instead of purring when he's happy.  When he was a younger Pixie Bob, he slept in slow-cookers and sinks, but Cobra can't fit into those places any more.  He loves to rough-house with our dogs.  He is a very comical Pixie Bob!Pixie Bob cat Cobra, sitting

Cobra was born 03/13/2007 and came to live with us in July, 2007.  His brothers have been very successful in the show ring.  Pixie Bob Viper is a Triple Grand Champion and Sidewinder is a Double Grand Champion Pixie Bob.Pixie Bob cat Cobra, face