• Female
  • Long-haired
  • Cool tones
  • Hock length tail
  • Straight feet

Champion Springcreek's Leia of Potomac is an absolutely stunning Pixie Bob!  She has a cool-toned coat featuring pronounced ticking and beautiful, distinct spots over a rich, warm under-coat.  Her tail is nearly perfectly hock length with beautiful black rings and matching black tip.  Leia is of average size for a female Pixie Bob and has straight feet.  Her face has all the "must-have" features in a Pixie Bobs face: strong brow ridge, deep eye set, wild-looking muzzle and chin, and golden, triangular eyes.  Leia does not have very pronounced eartips, however.Pixie Bob cat Leia's face

Leia is a very sweet Pixie Bob cat.  She is constantly talking to us and starts purring the minute she even thinks you're going to start petting her.  Her favorite toys are shiny mice and feathers, and she hasn't figured out why the other Pixie Bobs go crazy for the laser toy.  Leia loves to knead us while she's being pet.  She enjoys having her back scratched and her ears rubbed, particularly if you hit her reflex while rubbing her ears.Pixie Bob cat Leia, facing right