• Female
  • Short-haired
  • Warm tones
  • Full-length tail
  • Straight feet




Man On A Mission

Pixie Bob Scout

Pixie Bob Manni

Pixie Bob kitten Chimera, standing, facing rightPixie Bob kitten Chimera is a straight-foot female Pixie Bob with a full-length tail.  She has short hair and her coat is composed of warm, dark browns with medium spots and heavy, distinct ticking.  Her belly is distinctly and plentifully spotted.

Chimera is just a little Pixie Bob kitten, but she has the attitude of a huge Pixie Bob cat!Pixie Bob kitten Chimera, face shot  She thinks she's a heavyweight like her brothers, Goliath, Mandrake and Titan.  When playing with the other Pixie Bob kittens, however, she often discovers just what her limites are - but this never discourages her.  Chimera's favorite toys are anything she can bat around or anything she can pick up with her mouth and toss around.  She particularly does not like sharing her toys with the other Pixie Bob kittens and she isn't shy about letting them know what belongs to her!Pixie Bob kitten Chimera, standing, facing left  This Pixie Bob kitten will make a wonderful pet Pixie Bob, but she probably won't be primarily a lap cat.