• Male
  • Long-haired
  • Cool tones
  • Full-length tail
  • Straight feet




Man On A Mission

Pixie Bob Scout

Pixie Bob Manni

Pixie Bob kitten Goliath, standingPixie Bob kitten Goliath is a straight-foot male Pixie Bob with a full-length tail.  He is long-haired and his coat is very dark with warm accents, primarily on his legs, feet & face.  He is heavily ticked and has a thick black stripe down the center of his back.  Goliath is well spotted on his chest, belly, and sides.  His face very closely matches the Pixie Bob breed standard in that it is very wild looking, but he has virtually no eartips.

Goliath is a very confident Pixie Bob kitten - if he wants something, he's going to take it.  He has even claimed one corner as his own and drags all kinds of things into "his domain"Pixie Bob kitten Goliath, sitting - Christmas bows, grocery bags, and toys (of course).  Goliath is one of the largest Pixie Bob kittens we have and he knows it.  He can play quite rough and can be a bit bossy with the other Pixie Bob kittens, at times.  Goliath is very gentle when playing with people and enjoys being pet and held.  He loves being pet on the back of his neck and having his cheeks rubbed.  Goliath has also developed a habit of sneaking up on us in order to curl up and go to sleep next to us.  Goliath will make an excellent pet Pixie Bob cat and is going to live with Mike and his family in North Wales, PA.Pixie Bob kitten Goliath, face shot