• Male
  • Long-haired
  • Cool tones
  • Full-length tail
  • Straight feet




Man On A Mission

Pixie Bob Scout

Pixie Bob Manni

Pixie Bob kitten Mandrake, sitting, looking upPixie Bob kitten Mandrake is a straight-foot male Pixie Bob with a full-length tail.  He has long, very soft hair, colored primarily with dark, cool greys accented by warm, light browns and abundant ticking.  Mandrake's shoulders are very well spotted and what once was one thick stripe down his back has become three very narrow, distinct stripes surrounded by tightly-packed, well-defined spots.  Mandrake's sides, chest, and belly are strongly spotted and he has very distinct and prolific stripes on his legs.  His face exhibits that wild look every Pixie Bob breeder strives to produce in all their Pixie Bobs and he has small eartips.Pixie Bob kitten Mandrake, sitting, looking down

Mandrake is an independent Pixie Bob kitten who loves to wrestle and play rough with the other Pixie Bob kittens.  His favorite toys are pillows - he just has a blast running and jumping on and off them.  He also enjoys playing with empty toilet paper rolls.  Mandrake likes to be held and loves to be pet and have his cheeks rubbed.  When you're petting him and rubbing his cheeks, you'd swear you turned on a motor based on the low, strong, constant purring.  If Mandrake isn't ready for you to stop petting him, he'll lean into you and rub up against you.Pixie Bob kitten Mandrake, face shot  This Pixie Bob will strongly and quickly bond with his family, as well.  Mandrake will be a very loving, loyal, wonderful pet Pixie Bob for years to come.