• Male
  • Long-haired
  • Cool tones
  • Bobbed tail
  • Straight feet




Man On A Mission

Pixie Bob Scout

Pixie Bob Manni

Pixie Bob kitten Titan, face shotPixie Bob kitten Titan is a straight-foot male Pixie Bob with a near-perfect bobcat-length tail, which has a cowlick and a small bald spot right at the tip.  His coat is dark grey and black with warm accents.  He also has a black stripe running down the center of his back, but it is considerably more narrow than Goliath's stripe.  Titan's hair is long with strong ticking.  He has strong stripes on his legs, spots on his sides, and very well-defined spots on his chest & belly.  His face is somewhat wild looking as per the Pixie Bob breed standard and he has small eartips.

Pixie Bob kitten Titan, side shotTitan is a big Pixie Bob kitten, and he used to have the attitude to match.  However, Titan has become a very gentle Pixie Bob and has decided he really likes people and loves being pet.  Titan is quick to purr when he's being pet and is quick to talk to you the rest of the time.  His purr is somewhat loud and quite deep and when he's happy, he kneads quite enthusiastically.  "Talking" consists of a variety of noises, from loud meowing to softer chirping and trills.Pixie Bob kitten Titan, front shot  If Titan wants something, he'll be sure to let you know.  Titan also comes when his name is called and when he arrives, he greets us with chirps and trills.  This Pixie Bob kitten would make an excellent addition to a Pixie Bob breeder's program, but would also make a wonderful pet Pixie Bob as he almost certainly will bond strongly and quickly with his new family.