• Male
  • Short-haired
  • Cool tones
  • Full-length tail
  • Straight feet





Pixie Bob Aurora

Pixie Bob Cobra

Pixie Bob kitten Edgar, sittingEdgar's new home is with Dale & Jodi Moelker in Grand Rapids, MI.

Pixie Bob kitten Edgar's bone structure is similar to his mother's.  He will be a taller, lankier Pixie Bob cat than his father, but he is very quick and should be a nicely muscled Pixie Bob, nonetheless.  Edgar's coat is cool and grey, with very pronounced ticking and muted spots and his belly is covered with well-defined spots.  He has a full-length tail and Pixie Bob kitten, Edgar, side shot straight feet.

Edgar is our quiet thinker, but don't underestimate this Pixie Bob kitten when it comes to playing.  His favorite pastime is bird-watching and his favorite toy is the laser pointer.  He has even learned to herd the laser pointer so you cannot get it past him.  If you are looking for a playful, quiet lover, then Edgar is the Pixie Bob kitten for you.Pixie Bob kitten, Edgar, face shot