• Male
  • Short-haired
  • Warm tones
  • Bobbed tail
  • Straight feet





Pixie Bob Aurora

Pixie Bob Cobra

Pixie Bob kitten Nubby, standingNubby now lives with Mary Jacob of Sun Prairie, WI.

Pixie Bob kitten, Nubby, belly shotLike his father, Pixie Bob kitten Nubby has a big bone structure and this means he should be a large, muscular, heavy Pixie Bob.  He has an excellent Bobcat face and his eartips are developing beautifully!  His tail is very nearly the perfect length.  He has a fleshy, muscled tip on his tail because his bone ends just above the hock.  This is normal (and meets the Pixie Bob breed standard), but causes his tail to look a little strange.  He can actually move the tip of his tail separately from the the rest of his tail.  Nubby's coat is a wonderful, warm shade of brown, with dark grey stripes and light grey ticking.  He has straight footed Pixie Bob.

Pixie Bob kitten, Nubby, grown upThis little Pixie Bob kitten is absolutely fearless and loves people!  He is willing to try just about anything and is always curious about what you are doing.  Whenever the front door opens, he sometimes tries to make a break for it.  Once outside on the front steps, he panicks, freezes, and cries desperately to be picked up.  We suggest harness & leash training him because we believe he would adapt just fine to being outside when on a harness & leash.Pixie Bob kitten, Nubby, grown up