• Female
  • Short-haired
  • Warm tones
  • Bobbed tail
  • Straight feet





Pixie Bob Aurora

Pixie Bob Cobra

Pixie Bob kitten Opal, face shotPixie Bob kitten Opal is a straight-foot female Pixie Bob, with a very short, riser tail that will be at most one inch long when she is full grown.  She has great eartips, is light brown and tan all over, with very strong, distinct ticking.  Opal is well spotted on her sides, back, and belly, and has pronounced stripes on her legs.

She is a very sweet, adventurous, and energetic Pixie Bob kitten.  Opal is always running somewhere or chasing something and is the second to try anything new - right behind her sister, Amber.  If Pixie Bob kittens are into trouble,Pixie Bob kitten Opal you can be sure you'll find Opal and Amber in the midst of it!  She thinks the vacuum is a big toy and tries to catch it while it is being used.  This Pixie Bob is obsessed with playing with the window shade pull-strings and the laser pointer.  She likes to cuddle with her people, lying by their feet or legs.  Opal enjoys being held and you can even give her kisses while you're holding her.  She will make a wonderful pet Pixie Bob and would also be an outstanding addition to a Pixie Bob breeders program.Pixie Bob kitten Opal, side shot