• Female
  • Long-haired
  • Cool tones
  • Full-length tail
  • Straight feet





Pixie Bob Aurora

Pixie Bob Cobra

Pixie Bob kitten Silver, face shotPixie Bob kitten Silver is a cool-toned female Pixie Bob with straight feet.  She is medium-grey, with both stripes & spots.  Silver is developing warm accents.  Her belly displays very pronounced spots and her coat is long, with lightly ticked hair.  Silver's tail is full-length with black stripes and a beautiful black tip.  Her eartips are on the small side right now, but may become more pronounced as she gets older.

Silver is a very outgoing, energetic and playful Pixie Bob kitten.Pixie Bob kitten Silver, standing  So much so that she tends to play until she completely exhausts herself, then just drops and falls asleep wherever she happens to be!  When naptime does arrive, she will seek out the nearest open lap (if one is available).  Silver loves to run and is learning to hunt and stalk.  So, her favorite toys are ones that move, such as laser pointers, empty toilet roll cores and just about anything else which can be pounced upon or batted around.  Silver loves her people and loves to clean her people.Pixie Bob kitten Silver, looking back  She'll be a wonderful pet Pixie Bob, as well.